On the Bright Blue Side

This fall has seemed hard what with one thing and another. Stuff at the day job, construction outside my window, renovations at the library, Donald Trump winning an election that was not for Most Obnoxious Jackass.

It’s about time for things to turn around. Instead of being annoyed by the annual Absurdly Early Mall Christmas, I’ve embraced it as a sign of good things to come. I love Christmas! Trees are pretty. Why not bake some gingerbread?

And another entry on the good side of the ledger, new socks:


Pattern is Katniss. These were perfect bus knitting – simple but not plain.

In these Mad Max/Hunger Games days, surely we all need to be prepared with good socks. (And probably hard liquor. Um, I might need to go to the store.)

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2 Responses to On the Bright Blue Side

  1. Your socks are fab, and I hope you have plenty of hard liquor! I have friends visiting from Brazil and they brought me two large bottles of cachaca and taught me to make the national drink of Brazil, caipirinha. I am become very cultured.

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