Finally, Octopus Thumbs

Okay, so I guess octopuses don’t really have thumbs. But now my octopus mittens do:

A finished pair of octopuses. I love them. The light green is pretty drab looking on its own but I like it paired with the dark green – looks less like it tried to be beige and failed.

Tentacles go around onto the palms:

There are some stupid long floats in this pattern but worth it, I think. The original cuff pattern looked kind of unclear to me so I changed here to a tidier row of suckers.

I was worried I might finish just in time for the end of mitten weather. But luckily (or unluckily,depending on your point of view) it got cold again. Oh March, always keeping us guessing.

Specs: Octopus Mittens knit in odds and ends of Verdant Gryphon Bugga.

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One Response to Finally, Octopus Thumbs

  1. These could not be cuter. You’re awesome.

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