In Progress

Still knitting that blue cabled sweater. For some reason I rarely take progress photos – I like looking at other people’s but somehow never think of doing it myself. But this time I’m so obsessed that I totally did.

Progress is so motivating! This is what I love about knitting – you can see how you’re getting there. Unlike, say, days at the office where two coworkers review your document and cancel out each others’ changes.

Body is done and part of a sleeve.  It’s a coned yarn so I’m slightly worried about gauge. My swatch filled in after washing but didn’t change size so it should be fine but there’s still that little element of suspense to keep me knitting. How will it turn out? Exciting!

Also, I need something simple to knit on the train this Easter, so I cast on a scarf with some laceweight I’ve had hanging around far too long. (Dear Past Self, why do you keep thinking you like laceweight? Stop buying more!)

Doesn’t it look delightfully swoopy?

(I stick a safety pin on the “right” side of my garter stitch so I can keep track.)

I have this vague plan/daydream of taking a series of progress photos over the weekend with various festive Easter backdrops. But let’s be honest, we all know I’m going to mostly knit this at home in bad light while watching TV.

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4 Responses to In Progress

  1. salpal1 says:

    the sweater is looking fabulous, and so is the start of the lace weight scarf. What pattern is that? I too love to buy lace weight, and think I have a lifetime supply. I also like lace weight finished objects, but there is that in-between-skein-and-lovely-shawl stage that seems to go on forever!

  2. That is a beautiful sweater! I love the delicate cables, especially in that bright blue.

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