Rosemary and Rue

Sometimes when I talk about how I didn’t much care for a book I feel kind of mean. Like, I’m sure the book meant well and it might be my fault because I read it on the bus and was kind of cranky. (Nothing fills me with rage quite like waiting 20 minutes at the bus stop staring at the sign that promises 10 minutes or better service. Can’t they just take those down?)

All of which is to say that I picked up Rosemary and Rue as a bus read and spent the whole time thinking “Shut up Toby! And you too loud cell phone talker sitting next to me.”

Anyway, Toby is half faerie which the book weirdly calls a changeling. (I thought a changeling was a fairy swapped for a human child? Doesn’t really matter but kept making my eye twitch. Shut up Toby!) During the prologue she gets turned into a koi fish by villains, and turned back several years later. Then she has to solve a friend’s murder.

I understand how this could put anyone in a bad mood. It’s even worse than waiting 20 minutes for the bus. But it got old after a while. She’s constantly encountering enemies/obstacles and complaining about how inconvenient it is. And I’m sure it is! But I feel like if you’re going to be all “Dear me, assassins again. Will I ever get to finish my crossword?” you have to back it up by making quick work of the assassins. It ruins the effect when you almost die a lot. Shut up Toby! Oh, that was mean; she almost died after all.

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  1. Okay wait I have something for this! Just about everyone I’ve ever spoken to about the Toby Daye series says that I should not judge the series by Rosemary and Rue. It apparently gets better (so much better).

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