Now, Where Was I?

I think I’ve mentioned a time or ten how I’m an easily distractable person who struggles with series. I read a book or two and wander off, or I’ll be waiting for the next one to be published and kind of forget about it. Last year (or earlier maybe?) I read A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab which is about several Londons that exist in separate worlds. I love a parallel universe! Fun! Then, I dunno, I got distracted and never read Book 2, A Gathering of Shadows till now. And I kept wishing I could remember Book 1 better.

Then I went to check the library for Book 3 and lo, the library website is having technical difficulties. Of course I’ll remember to check back later, right? This time things will be different!

Likewise, I was knitting that blue sweater but cast on a scarf for train knitting. Which naturally I kept on knitting at home. What sweater?

Let’s all pretend I have trimmed that stray end.

Pattern is Close To You which has the awesome features of being super simple and also letting you knit till you use up your yarn. It would be a good one for multicoloured yarn.

So then I picked up my sweater again this weekend. Man, I sure wish I remembered those cable charts better. One more sleeve to go!

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