Royale: Done and Done!

So I made pretty good progress on those sleeves I was working on, then took a few days to get around to sewing them in – which is the hardest part sometimes. But the blue sweater is done:

Yes! And the weather even cooled down this weekend so I got to wear it.

Specs: Pattern is Royale and yarn is coned stuff from colourmart, my latest obsession. I swapped out the twisted moss stitch for good old seed stitch, which looked a lot better (not sure if the problem was me or the yarn) and also saved some twisted stitches. Also raised the neckline a bit. And misread the starting rows so didn’t do any cable crosses in the ribbing. We’ll, uh, call that a modification.

Meanwhile, I’m knitting entrelac.

It’s like eating chips – just one more square. I may need a beer to go with it.

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