Bonus Voyage

I’ve been off gallivanting again – went to Puerto Rico at somewhat last minute short notice. I’d never even thought about going till a friend asked me if I wanted to and I was like “Well….I don’t not want to.”

I meant to text her “bon voyage” at the airport but autocorrect decided to go with “bonus voyage” and it kind of was.

Palm trees!

Old city wall. Somehow I don’t expect there to be old stuff in the Carribean but San Juan is well supplied with historic architecture. Also humidity.

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3 Responses to Bonus Voyage

  1. goodenoughcook says:

    Do they still have cobblestones in the old quarter in San Juan? I remember them from 1969 when my family took a vacation there.

  2. Oh, brill! It looks like a wonderful trip, and how cool to go gallivanting off at the last minute!

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