Long Weekend Socks

Ah, Canada Day! When there are usually train rides and fireworks. I’m from Ottawa and generally try to go back for it, unless July 1 is a Wednesday or something. (When I found a nation our national day will always be a Saturday. I was going to say there would be beer but I think my current nation pretty much has that covered.)

Whenever I go home, I suffer from the delusion that in addition to the train ride, I’ll be lounging around, sleeping late, reading, knitting. Why, I’ll be able to knit a whole pair of socks with no trouble at all!

I cast on on the train.

(Still life with train pretzels.)

This is about how much you can knit between Toronto and Ottawa:

(Still life with train port.)

But then I invariably spend the whole time running around town, trying to catch up with various friends and relatives while still spending enough time with my parents that they think it’s worth hosting me. And people say I’m not an optimist.

It rained a lot though, which was a plus on the socks side – although a minus in pretty much every other way. While eating dinner on a friend’s balcony in a thunderstorm she said this would be pretty cool for a spooky holiday like Halloween but not so much Canada Day. I tried to make up something where we were being haunted by the ghost of Sir John A. MacDonald but somehow I don’t think that will become a beloved Canada Day tradition.

As it turns out, you can knit most of a pair of socks on a train trip and a rainy weekend.

And if you suck it up and knit them Tuesday night instead of doing something useful like getting groceries,:


Specs: Plain old stocking stitch socks in Nerd Girl Yarns Stomp & Bounce; colour is How Do You Polish Rust. (I am apparently insufficiently nerdy to get a lot of the references in the colour names. Who knew I could be described as “insufficiently nerdy?”)

If I were really organized I would have used some appropriately Canadian yarn, but you can’t have everything. Do you think John A. MacDonald will come and haunt me?

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