Catch-Up: Knitting

It’s July, which means it’s often too hot to go outside and also there’s always the Tour de France to keep me company while knitting by the air conditioner. I love cycling because it doesn’t make me feel bad about my life. Like, sometimes when I watch stuff I find myself thinking “Hey, I should be out having adventures/torrid love affairs/fighting crime too instead of sitting here.” But when I see people riding bikes up a mountain on a hot day, I think “Better you than me. Should I get a beer?”

Also, there are ample boring parts should one need to count stitches and stuff. (I’m given to understand this is part of the appeal of baseball but I always feel like there it’s more a wait than a lull and it drives me nuts. Just throw the pitch already!)

All of which is to say, I’m knitting a lace shawl – this one, but mine still looks like this:

I’m past the easy part and at the part where you have to pay attention and also where the rows get long.

I’m also making a boring blue sweater. When I dug out my summer office sweaters they were fewer and shabbier than I was expecting. I searched the mall for some light cotton sweaters but, given the complete non-availability of such a thing, apparently I’m the only one who expects to spend much of the summer in an air conditioned office. (Probably everyone is out having adventures/love affairs/etc. Huh.)

So I bought yarn instead. At the rate I’m going I should have my summer sweater just in time for fall.

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3 Responses to Catch-Up: Knitting

  1. goodenoughcook says:

    It is odd how much thick cotton yarn is available for sale, and how little of the thinner kind you could actually wear in the summer time. I have worn worsted weight cotton sweaters in snowstorms and been warm enough inside.

  2. Ahahahah “just throw the pitch already” is exactly an encapsulation of my own problems with baseball. God damn it, baseball.

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