Two Steps Back

Y’all, I finished that shawl! It still needs some blocking and photos and details like that. (More to follow.)

Which leaves me free to celebrate fall with a red cabled sweater. I’m making this one,  although not so incredibly yellow. (Don’t think I could pull that off, although it might be fun to try.) I cast on the other day and knit merrily along, all the while trying to ignore that nagging feeling that it’s too small. I mean, obviously it’s going to get bigger as I keep knitting, right? It’ll block out, right? It’s probably wrong, but I should just knit a bit more to be sure, right?

Pro tip: Do not ignore that nagging doubt. I don’t know why I never lean.

This much knitting:

Is now this much knitting:

Does that look bigger to you.

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3 Responses to Two Steps Back

  1. Booooooo! I don’t fully understand what happened here, as knitting remains a mystery to me, but I can clearly see that an outcome occurred that you did not desire. Down with that!

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