Shawl: Done and Done!

So, I thought I posted some photos of that finished lace shawl but apparently I only thought about it. Life is a constant surprise to me that way – I’ve also given some thought to cleaning the kitchen floor and it doesn’t seem to have helped at all.

Anyway, it’s done!

I’m not totally happy with the blocking. Usually I block lace on my bed and all the while I was knitting this I mused about how it was probably going to be too big and how would I handle that. In the end I cobbled together a blocking surface with towels on the floor. It didn’t hold the pins that well that well and also it turned out that not only is my bed too small, so is the open floor space in my apartment. I couldn’t stretch it quite all the way without moving more furniture than I wanted to.

When I move to a bigger place we’ll have a bigger and better blocking party. I think explaining to my next landlord how I need more space for lace can only make me sound really normal and reliable.

I’m still pretty pleased with it though. I made this! With string!

For those of you wondering when I intend to wear a giant lace triangle I have to say I don’t know. Mostly I use all my knitted lace as scarves under my winter coat, but I might choke myself with this much wool scrunched around my neck. I think one might need a voluminous skirt to really pull it off – the Victorians had this down. Mostly I just have it draped over the back of a chair where I can admire it when  I pass by.

It suits the chair, no?

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4 Responses to Shawl: Done and Done!

  1. salpal1 says:

    It’s lovely! When I knit my first real lace shawl I thought I would never wear it. Turns out I wear it a lot – draped about my shoulders, wrapped around my neck (loosely!) or over my winter coat. Lots of ways to wear them. And so now I don’t stop knitting them!

  2. Oh wow, you are a total rock star. It looks gooooorgeous!

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