Strange The Sweater

So y’all, I read Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. I’ve been musing about it for the past few days and I still can’t quite make up my mind about it.

Our hero Lazlo Strange develops a passion for stories about a mysterious far away city and then unexpectedly gets a chance to travel there. So far so good – exciting adventure, dream fulfilled, etc.

But then things get so very grim. It transpires that Bad Things have been going down in Weep. There’s some cool stuff in here but also so much rape and death. Obviously “everything’s fine” isn’t much of a plot, but “worse and more worse” isn’t always what I’m looking for in a book either.

Also I hate cliffhangers. Now I’m wondering about all the loose threads but if/when I read the next one I’ll be trying to remember what happened before and why I should care.

I feel like I should have something blue to show you, but I finished the red sweater:

Oh, it’s red like the blood of innocents!

Specs: Cabled Turtleneck from an old Vogue Knitting in Colourmart yarn (same stuff as this blue sweater – I love it for cables) I shrunk down the sleeves and left off the turtleneck.

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