H Is For…

Hawk! No, hats! Wait, both!

Of late I’ve been reading H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald and knitting hats. Just further proof that it’s always a non-stop party around here.

I picked up Hawk because I swear every other book at the library was about some war or other, so obviously the memoir about grief and falconry was the cheeriest thing going. Her father dies, which is sad (but less sad than the Holocaust, why is literature so depressing?) and she decides to train a goshawk named Mabel. As you do. Falconry is something I know basically nothing about, so that were interesting in the sense of “Huh. People do this? Who knew?” My experience of hawks is pretty much limited to someone pointing up and me going “Sure, I guess that could be a hawk.”

Also, it seems there is a lot I didn’t know about T. H. White. Mostly that he also trained a goshawk, badly. I feel like this book either needs more or less T. H. White. Did you have that roommate with the friend who was perfectly nice, but always at your house? It’s kind of like that – I’d start getting interested in Helen and Mable and then, oh, T. H. White is sitting in the good chair again talking about hawks and you know he’s not going to wash that glass either. But I could possibly read a biography about him. Get your own book, T. H. White!

While I don’t know a lot about hawks, I do know a lot about hats. I knit a couple as presents during this year’s festive rush. Alas, I didn’t take photos (because festive rush) but it would seem it sent me into  a hat jag.

Gather, knit in Malabrigo Twist. The smocking hits the sweet spot that’s not monotonous but still easy enough to watch TV.

And I may have cast on yet another hat. More to come.

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1 Response to H Is For…

  1. What an adorable blue hat! I love it! That’s a terrific color.

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