April Showers Bring, Uh, Ice?

Lately it’s been cold and grey around here, with lots of freezing rain warnings. My local library has been closed for renovations for ages and last I looked is due to open ‘Spring 2018.’ So I can only conclude that they’re running behind and have delayed spring to get some extra time. Who knew librarians had that kind of power?

I tried to counter this with a BRIGHT YELLOW scarf and have been waiting for a sunny day to take some pictures. Or even a not oppressively overcast day – I’m not picky. Alas, it seems I’m no match for the public library.

Meanwhile, here’s a blocking shot:

Do you think maybe knitting something hot pink would help?

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1 Response to April Showers Bring, Uh, Ice?

  1. Spring 2018! That is so vague! I am crushed on your behalf! And I love love love your yellow scarf. It looks gorgeous.

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