Travelling Scarf

Usually, when I go travelling I bring some knitting along, and usually I imagine I’ll spend my vacation knitting furiously. The thing will be done when I come back. Hey, I’ll wear it on the ride home! Maybe I should bring something else to work on just in case…

This never happens.

But, nevertheless, faced with the wish for lots of mindless travel knitting that will definitely fit in my carry-on, I go for laceweight scarves/shawls. I’ve got in the habit of knitting a plain garter top down triangle then adding some kind of border once I get home and start worrying about running out of yarn.

Here’s the one from California:

This one’s from Scotland:

For my recent jaunt to Portugal I decided to change things up and actually use a pattern. Wild, huh? True to form I made limited progress on the trip itself (I didn’t want to spill port on it after all.) But this way when I get home I can knit while daydreaming about vacation. Finished this weekend:

I kept worrying it was going to wind up too small but the corners didn’t even fit in the shot.

Specs: passione-amorosa knit in Fleece Artist Suri Blue that I’ve had hanging around waaay too long. No mods really except more repeats in a lighter yarn. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through the last repeat but I’m glad I went for it. No leftovers, which always feels so much tidier.

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  1. Those are beautiful! I love it!

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