The Sock Days of Summer

When I think of summer, I always daydream about picnics, days at the beach, camping trips and similar outdoorsy fun. Alas, in reality summer inevitably seems to feature far too many days when it’s too hot and/or humid to even contemplate going outside. Lately I keep checking the forecast and thinking that seems like totally reasonable temperatures, then the air is so thick and humid I start wondering if one can drown while waiting for the bus.

Obviously there’s nothing to do but stay home and knit socks.

One of those busy variegated skeins had me scrolling through patterns and thinking hard. Naturally, I finally settled on…

Plain old stocking stitch. Yarn is Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Gadgets and Gizmos. It obligingly didn’t pool but I do find the first leg it markedly yellower than the rest. Also, I can’t get the soundtrack of The Little Mermaid out of my head.

It was still stupid humid out so I cast on another pair. Halfway done:

Pattern is Zigzagular Socks, which I came across while looking for variegated yarn patterns, but using a semisolid here since I’m contrary. I like the simplicity of it in a quieter yarn.

Maybe by the time I’m done it’ll be wool socks weather?

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1 Response to The Sock Days of Summer

  1. I love the zigzag socks! So adorable!

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