The Girl in the Green Silk Gown

Apparently I never posted about it, but I read Sparrow Hill Road by Seanan McGuire a while ago and liked it a lot. It’s about a girl who died on her way to prom in the 50s and has spent her time since as a hitchhiking ghost, sometimes fighting evil and sometimes trying to score cheeseburgers at truck stops. I see on the internet that people have criticized it for being more a series of related short stories than a novel. And it is indeed  a batch of short stories, but that’s actually what I liked about it. The non-chronological, slightly rambly story seems more ghostly, like Rose is telling us about her life and death and oh, yeah, this other thing, and something else.

Book 2, The Girl in the Green Silk Gown, is more of a linear story, which I found less appealing. It seems less about the mood and more about the plot. Sparrow Hill Road was about the ghost world juxtaposed against the archetypal American world of highways and diners and proms. It reminded me of all those childhood ghost stories about hitchhikers I halfway remember (…. and when they got there, she had vanished!) The Girl in the Green Silk Gown seems so much tidier. I still like Rose and her buddies, but I’m not really a tidy person, I guess.

Also, the stuff with her boyfriend kind of skeeves me out. Ghosts, man…

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