Still Snowy…

Y’all! I’ve been off on vacation in St. Lucia.

The Pitons and rum punch – this was pretty much my week. I miss it already. I bought a pineapple so I can pretend I’m still in the Caribbean but it’s not quite the same.

I sort of thought by the time I got back it might have warmed up a bit here, but the cab driver spent most of the ride home from the airport talking animatedly about all the snow I missed.

Good thing I finished that hat:

Pattern is Knitting Season; Yarn is from my pile of odds and ends. I’m liking the Gryffindor-esque colours. I dunno if I’d fit in in Gryffindor but they definitely have the best house colours. Rowling was so biased.

Want to see the wrong side? I love wrong side shots:

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