Geek Socks

Ah, long weekend! I fondly imagined that the extra day would give me a chance to get so much done. Finish off those socks, clean the whole apartment, sort out some paperwork. And I finished off some socks I’d been procrastinating on:

So, partial credit.

I started these on the train at Easter and made quick work of them. The pattern is that sweet spot where it’s easy enough not to require any concentration but still interesting enough to be addictive. Just one more stripe! Then I hit the part where I had to put in afterthought heels and put them down for a while. I love afterthought heels for stripey yarn – so simple and clever – but actually starting on them is a bit fiddly. Worth it though. I always have a soft spot for orange and blue together.

Specs: Geek Socks in String Theory Colorworks Orbit in Psilocybin (I had to Google Psilocybin) Fudged to a 60 st sock since I used sportweight. I see some people have found them tight – I didn’t, but my stranding tends to lean more towards loose and sloppy.

Meanwhile, I’ve been knitting some other stripes:

We will not discuss how I failed to clean out  the closet. I can always just close the door, right? Problem solved!


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3 Responses to Geek Socks

  1. Those socks are too, too cute. I am a sucker for orange and blue as well — I actually am just about to buy a nice blue handbag, and I am most excited to wear it with my violently orange shirt.

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