Just Another Hat

I have a longstanding fondness for advice columns. You know what’s better than my problems? Other people’s problems! And isn’t it always so much easier to see what other people should do? (Dump him! He sucks! I may have made up a little song/chant to this effect in honour of an old roommate’s boyfriend. I’m sure it was helpful.)

I’ve been recently reading through How to Be a Person in the World, an anthology of the Ask Polly advice columns. As a book, turns out that is … kind of a lot of advice. Especially given how much if it is variations on “Go be your most weird and awkward self! Anyone who doesn’t like it wasn’t cool enough for you anyway.”

Y’all, I think I might be too normal for this advice to apply to me. Which is not a thought I often have.

Concurrently, I’ve been knitting a hat (you know, that deeply ordinary hobby I have) in totally boring – I mean classic – colours and I’m surprised by how much I’m loving it. Look!

Super simple colour scheme, cream, beige and brown with a bit of pinky red thrown in, but isn’t it great? I keep stopping to admire it. I stole the chart from Carraig Fhada (which is meant to be a vest) and I’m still musing about how to do the crown. I don’t want to mess it up now that I’ve come this far.

Maybe I just need to be cool enough to embrace whatever weirdness the hat should decide to throw my way.

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3 Responses to Just Another Hat

  1. salpal1 says:

    That hat is the bomb! The reddish color makes it!

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