New Hat! Also, Frankenstein

The hat is done! I love it!

I ended up borrowing the crown chart from King Harold Hats to create a sort of Franken-hat.

Calling it that naturally set me musing about Frankenstein. Whenever people talk about that book it strikes me that they never seem to mention the most obvious moral – don’t do what Victor Frankenstein does. Like, we can all debate the price of progress and the wisdom of sciencing up a monster, but surely we can agree that if you do, don’t run off and then stand around wringing your hands while it kills people. It’s a frustrating book to read because Frankenstein is The Worst and I just want to slap him or something. Try harder! Do better!

So I guess I better be keeping an eye on my hat, just in case.

Check out the crown:

Turns out taking pictures of the top of your head is one of those surprisingly difficult things. Who knew?

Specs: yarn is Uradale Native Shetland Jumperweight in Froad, Moorit and Oatmeal. Pattern is a mash-up of Carraig Fhada, King Harald Hats and general hat rules.

Now I’m considering doing both patterns in their original forms. Meanwhile, I may have cast on another hat.

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3 Responses to New Hat! Also, Frankenstein

  1. Frankenstein truly IS the worst. There were so many non-terrible paths for him to take, yet he chose none of them. What a prat. By contrast, you, the maker of the Franken-hat, are a genius. I love it! It’s a great hat!

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