Time For Time Travelling

As a kid I must have read approximately a billionty books where somebody travels through time for some reason. Charlotte Sometimes comes to mind, as does The Root Cellar, and I know there were a bunch more. Along with checking for hidden worlds at the back of closets just in case and searching for secret passages just in case, I also had the vague feeling that I should be prepared for unexpected time travel. Y’know, just in case.

Oddly enough, none of that ever happened, but the practical sounding title of How To Be A Tudor but Ruth Goodman reminded me that,well, you never know. (See also, How To Be A Victorian.) It goes through a day in the life, from what you wear to where you sleep. There are tips and facts about washing, meals, religion, education. So useful for the time traveller! And, time travel aside, day to day is the part of history that’s most interesting to me. Never mind who won that battle, what was it like? What shoes were they wearing? What were they having for dinner? (Pottage, probably.) Fun book, even if it never ends up coming in handy.

Incidentally, it just occurred to me that while my parents’ house definitely didn’t used to have a secret passage, they’ve done a lot of renovations since I moved out. Maybe they added one? Maybe that’s why it all took so much longer than expected. I should probably check next time I’m there. Just in case.

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