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Travelling Scarf

Usually, when I go travelling I bring some knitting along, and usually I imagine I’ll spend my vacation knitting furiously. The thing will be done when I come back. Hey, I’ll wear it on the ride home! Maybe I should … Continue reading

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I must be a slow learner because I always think vacation will mean so much knitting and reading and yet I’m always wrong. There’s too much else to do! Why do I keep wasting suitcase room on books and yarn? … Continue reading

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Pass the Port

Y’all, I’ve been off gallivanting again. Portugal this time! It’s hilly everywhere, which means good views and lots of exercise. I have also probably at least tripled my lifetime port consumption. Port + pastel de nata. Tasty! (It looks like … Continue reading

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April Showers Bring, Uh, Ice?

Lately it’s been cold and grey around here, with lots of freezing rain warnings. My local library has been closed for renovations for ages and last I looked is due to open ‘Spring 2018.’ So I can only conclude that … Continue reading

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Wait For It…

This weekend I finished that yoke sweater. It’s blocking as I type. I keep checking if it’s dry – pretty sure that makes it dry faster, right? After all, that watched pots saying doesn’t say anything about sweaters. People always … Continue reading

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Back around Thanksgiving I knit the boring grey body of a yoke sweater for train knitting. Several balls of yarn is too unwieldy for the train and I wandered off and never started the colourwork. Until I found myself between … Continue reading

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Jane, Unlimited

Dudes! It’s been a long time since I read a book I really loved. I was starting to think maybe I had just outgrown that and fiction would always disappoint and annoy me. But apparently that was just me being … Continue reading

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