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Bonus Voyage

I’ve been off gallivanting again – went to Puerto Rico at somewhat last minute short notice. I’d never even thought about going till a friend asked me if I wanted to and I was like “Well….I don’t not want to.” … Continue reading

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Royale: Done and Done!

So I made pretty good progress on those sleeves I was working on, then took a few days to get around to sewing them in – which is the hardest part sometimes. But the blue sweater is done: Yes! And … Continue reading

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Now, Where Was I?

I think I’ve mentioned a time or ten how I’m an easily distractable person who struggles with series. I read a book or two and wander off, or I’ll be waiting for the next one to be published and kind … Continue reading

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Rosemary and Rue

Sometimes when I talk about how I didn’t much care for a book I feel kind of mean. Like, I’m sure the book meant well and it might be my fault because I read it on the bus and was … Continue reading

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In Progress

Still knitting that blue cabled sweater. For some reason I rarely take progress photos – I like looking at other people’s but somehow never think of doing it myself. But this time I’m so obsessed that I totally did. Progress … Continue reading

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Kiki Strike

I’ve been in something of a reading slump lately, looking out the window on the bus instead of reading. (Alas, my commute is still not especially scenic.) Obvious solution is kids’ books! Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City is so … Continue reading

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Can’t Talk Now…

…Knitting cables. Aren’t they awesome?

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