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Front Burnered

I generally have some kind of back burner knitting going on, something I can pick up without doing a whole lot of thinking and counting. Vanilla socks, a plain sleeve, something like that. Thanksgiving weekend came with a long train … Continue reading

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Miss Marple, With Socks

Of late I’ve been on a bit of an Agatha Christie jag. Y’all, my new goal is to be Miss Marple when I grow up. Step 1: Keep knitting. So far, so good: To keep the jag thing going I’ve … Continue reading

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Cooked: a Natural History of Transformation

Like most people, I’m a fan of food. (Popularity tip: be necessary to life.) But sometimes it seems like the more I think about it, the more stressful it is – I start worrying about cholesterol and gluten and organic … Continue reading

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Quantum … Uh, What?

So, I brought Neil Turok’s The Universe Within on a long flight with the idea that several hours with nothing else to do would force me to understand quantum mechanics. I should perhaps point out that before they gave me … Continue reading

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The Drunken Botanist

Back in the day when we first started having music on our computers, I used to find myself in a twitchy kind of mod where I needed a new song at least every 30 seconds. Not because I didn’t like … Continue reading

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