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Small Coloured Things

For the last few years it seemed like I spent a lot of time thinking about colourwork projects, thinking about what patterns to make, which colours to pick. But then somehow¬† I never actually knit any of them. So it … Continue reading

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In Which I Try To Be Romantic

I like to think of myself as a pretty wide-reading person who is up for pretty much anything book-wise. But then there’s Romance. I don’t read romance. Actually, I often skim the mushy bits (with maybe some exceptions for the … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Do you ever pick up books that you kind of expect to hate? I don’t, as a general rule (no, I haven’t read 50 Shades) but then one day my fondness for unsexy vampires trumped my aversion to gimmicky premises … Continue reading

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The ABC Murders

My mom is a big reader of mystery novels, so much so that even though I’m up for some mysterious happenings in my books I rarely read them because it seems more like a mom thing. (Also because it seems … Continue reading

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The Known World

Over the years I’ve picked up The Known World by Edward P. Jones a bunch of times then put it down because this is Serious Pulitzer Prize Winning Literature which is not really my thing. This time I actually read … Continue reading

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