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Jane, Unlimited

Dudes! It’s been a long time since I read a book I really loved. I was starting to think maybe I had just outgrown that and fiction would always disappoint and annoy me. But apparently that was just me being … Continue reading

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Kiki Strike

I’ve been in something of a reading slump lately, looking out the window on the bus instead of reading. (Alas, my commute is still not especially scenic.) Obvious solution is kids’ books! Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City is so … Continue reading

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Catch Up

Y’all! I think I used to have a blog or something? I wish I could tell you I’ve been off doing top secret spy stuff but actually I’ve been having a bit of a personality clash with my laptop. (Hey, … Continue reading

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My Real Children

Have I ever told y’all how I love Jo Walton? In a non-creepy way, of course, where I swoon over her books, not where I skulk around outside her house with binoculars. These are for, um, birdwatching. Anyway, I’ve been … Continue reading

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