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On the Bright Blue Side

This fall has seemed hard what with one thing and another. Stuff at the day job, construction outside my window, renovations at the library, Donald Trump winning an election that was not for Most Obnoxious Jackass. It’s about time for … Continue reading

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Delicious Lemony Deliciousness

When I went to Venice last year we had one dinner where they gave us little glasses of limoncello afterwards. Thinking back fondly, I made up a batch, then remembered I don’t actually like sipping liqueurs. I just liked it … Continue reading

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The Life of the World to Come

I may have mentioned once or twice or twelve times that I am not the greatest reader of series. Even if I like them and totally mean to read them all, sometimes something happens and I lose momentum. (On a … Continue reading

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The Drunken Botanist

Back in the day when we first started having music on our computers, I used to find myself in a twitchy kind of mod where I needed a new song at least every 30 seconds. Not because I didn’t like … Continue reading

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