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It’s been a bleak and grey February and I find myself trying to compensate with green wool. Hey, the sun just came out. It must be working! Yet another hat, made with leftovers: Pattern is Siksak, knit in odds and … Continue reading

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Finish Line

Whenever the Olympics end, I always kind of feel like they broke up with me or something. I mean, we used to hang out all the time. We were such good pals. And now they never call and TV is … Continue reading

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Sports Talk Is Boring

Of late my main hobby has been watching the Olympics and I know no one comes here for sports talk (at least, anyone who does is surely disappointed on the regular.) Hey, the internet has come up with a cartoon … Continue reading

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Higher, Faster, Stockinette

Olympics time! While I have a long, long list of reasons to side-eye the Olympics, I still love them. It is A Thing for some people to knit challenging complex stuff during the Olympics and good for them. Myself, I … Continue reading

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