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Wardrobe Crisis

My perpetual wardrobe crisis is that I never seem to have pants that fit. But also, the fashion industry is destroying the planet. Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press provides enough cheerful reading about furs, wastewater, pesticides, recycled polyester, exploited labour … Continue reading

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Geek Socks

Ah, long weekend! I fondly imagined that the extra day would give me a chance to get so much done. Finish off those socks, clean the whole apartment, sort out some paperwork. And I finished off some socks I’d been … Continue reading

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In Transit

I used to get a lot of knitting and reading done on the bus and train but lately I find myself scrolling through news on my phone and I still can’t quite understand what the hell has gone wrong with … Continue reading

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Two Steps Forward, One Pair of Socks

So, a couple of weeks ago I was all about stranded hats. I finished that blue one and merrily cast on another: Pretty, huh? Alas, corrugated ribbing isn’t really my comfort zone. I was so worried about being loose and … Continue reading

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The Hidden Keys

Lately it seems like approximately 90% of all literature is about the Holocaust, or perhaps a different war, or maybe slavery. Y’know, serious depressing stuff. That’s how you know it’s litterchure! I saw a comment somewhere where someone was saying … Continue reading

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Bright Socks for Grey Days

Ah, November! The perpetual darkness and cloudiness always reminds me why they scheduled Christmas when they did. We all need some Christmas lights and eggnog to take the edge off the winter solstice. (And I don’t even like eggnog.) Which … Continue reading

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Fresh Air!

Ah, y’all, finally some cool weather. I finished my latest socks: Pretty, huh? Pattern is Berkshires, knit in String Theory Colorworks. Colourway is White Dwarf. Made a game effort to match the stripes and it mostly worked. The wide stripe … Continue reading

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