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The Demon in the Freezer

Y’all! How have you been? I’ve been off gallivanting. I meant to take a bunch of fabulous pictures to show you, dutifully packed my camera, then … never used it once. Um, how about we say I was busy doing … Continue reading

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Bonus Hat

I finished that yoked cardigan the other day, except for buttons which, given my track record could take a while. But I had a fair bit of yarn left over, too much to just stick in the scrap drawer. So, … Continue reading

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More Recommended Reading

Over Christmas, I spent a bunch of time at my parents’ place, which always gives me a chance to poke through my old bookshelves and muse about old favourites. So I’ve been thinking for a while about more book recommendations. … Continue reading

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I have a longstanding fondness for telepathy, ESP and that sort of thing. Not that I believe in them exactly but it’s such a cool possibility. Wouldn’t it be cool if the mind had this extra level with astonishing powers? … Continue reading

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In Series

As per usual, the gods of the Library Request Queue have given me all the books all at once. So lately I have had my nose buried in Lauren Destefano’s Sever (Book #3) and Laini Taylor’s Days of Blood and … Continue reading

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Back By Popular Demand

Okay, I may be using a somewhat generous definition of ‘popular.’ Like, three people. But we should all strive to be more generous! Back in the day, before we all had Facebook, I started up a blog to keep everyone … Continue reading

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