In Which I Try To Be Romantic

I like to think of myself as a pretty wide-reading person who is up for pretty much anything book-wise. But then there’s Romance. I don’t read romance. Actually, I often skim the mushy bits (with maybe some exceptions for the more hilariously bad sex scenes out there.) Then every now and again I get this nagging feeling that I shouldn’t be so snobby and give a romance novel a chance. So many people with otherwise good taste like them. Surely they have some merits.

Yeah, you know from page one that they’ll get together but it’s not like I hate on other books because you know going in that murders will be solved, evil vanquished, quests undertaken, etc. And it’s not like I’ve never flipped to the end just to check how everything turns out.

So in the spirit of broadening my horizons I tried my hand at Rachael Herron’s How to Knit a Love Song on the grounds that it has knitting to keep me going if the romance part doesn’t work out. And I was grateful for the knitting because I still don’t like romance novels. I mean, I can kind of accept some romance around the edges and I can totally understand if you’re distracted with solving murders or vanquishing evil or whatever you might not get around to hooking up until the end. But if that’s the main plotline I want to shout at the characters to get over your misunderstandings and sexual tension already. Go knit or something instead.

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2 Responses to In Which I Try To Be Romantic

  1. There are lots of romance novels I don’t like, but I have found that a good, feminist romance novel can be a lovely and soothing thing to read, especially if I’ve been doing a lot of Serious Nonfiction recently. Meredith Duran is a favorite, or Victoria Dahl if you want something modern.

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